Insurance Investigations

FGI strives to provide the very best in insurance investigations. In order to ensure industry-leading results, FGI maintains an inventory of high-tech miniature cameras and video recording devices, and we equip all of our investigators with hidden body-cams (both hard-wired and wireless) that allow for discreet inside video surveillance. Within the bounds of the law, FGI pursues claimants wherever they may roam and captures video footage that wins cases.

FGI utilizes comprehensive computer databases and internet resources to retrieve any and all pertinent information about the claimant, including but not limited to information regarding the claimant’s businesses, memberships, associations, hobbies, habits and routines. FGI uses this information to custom design a surveillance strategy that will maximize efficiency and increase the chances for obtaining winning video footage. FGI understands that thorough preparation not only enables our investigators to capture winning video but also saves our clients money.

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