FGI offers a wide range of investigative services. Most notably, our Insurance Investigation Department combines state-of-the-art surveillance technology with comprehensive computer database resources to produce results that are second to none in the industry. Across the board, FGI’s results are consistent and indeed raising the bar in the industry.

private investigations

Insurance Investigations

FGI strives to provide the very best in insurance investigations. In order to ensure industry-leading results, FGI maintains an inventory of high-tech miniature cameras and video recording devices, and we equip all of our investigators with hidden body-cams (both hard-wired and wireless) that allow for discreet inside video surveillance. Within the bounds of the law,

Accident Scene Investigations

FGI conducts thorough accident scenes investigations, each tailored to fit the facts and circumstances of the case. Investigations may include witness canvasses, statements, photographs, measurements and observations. FGI prepares detailed computer-generated diagrams and comprehensive written analysis.

Domestic Investigations

FGI provides domestic investigations with results that are second to none, including matrimonial, divorce, infidelity, alimony reduction, cohabitation and child support investigations.

Special Investigations

FGI conducts custom investigations designed to accommodate the specific needs of complex and unusual cases.

Background Investigations

FGI will conduct a thorough investigation into a subject’s background, including utilization of industry-leading internet resources and database services, as well as in-person review of pertinent, publicly accessible recorded documents.


FGI combines detailed field investigations with industry-leading internet resources and database services to locate people.